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Rebuilding America

CCCHD is starting to build our own contract with America.
Rebuild America: The Gulf Coast, The Country, Our Community is serving as a handy conversation tool for defining values and programs that might allow us all to better flourish in the face of natural and man-made disasters.

We are Rebuilding America:

  1. The Gulf Coast – by collecting contributions for Gulf survivors and organizations that will ensure the voices of the poor and communities of color are part of the rebuilding of their communities. We will incorporate this into our January Gala Dinner (1/21/2006) which raises funds for the work and priorities of CCCHD.
  2. The Country – by joining with other groups across the country in building consensus from the ground up on a basic platform that will put this country on a new course. The platform is formatted on a petition sheet that gathers names of existing and new supporters who believe that another America is possible, and can be brought to our politicians and the public via a signature ad in local papers.
  3. Our Columbia County Community – by partnering with existing on the ground services or creating our own projects that recognize that in a society where the social safety net has been allowed to unravel, it is critical the progressive people take a hands-on role in making sure that everyone in the community is clothed, fed, and cared for.

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