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Join the Campaign to Defeat Anti-Immigrant Backlash in Columbia County

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Columbia County has a chance to show that we can defeat anti-immigrant attacks at the ballot box despite the very inflamed climate of immigrant backlash in 2008. Local community members are rallying with Rural Organizing Project ( and Columbia County Citizens for Human Dignity ( to demand real cures for genuine economic issues, not ugly 4 foot by 8 foot signs that say “Legal Workers Only,” a modern day equivalent to a “Whites Only” sign posted above a drinking fountain.

In July of 2007 long time ultra conservative political activist Wayne Mayo showed up at Columbia County and City Council meetings with a laughable proposal to post huge signs throughout the county declaring us an “Illegal Worker Free Zone”. Facts do not stand in the way of Mr. Mayo who is well known in the community for leading a crusades against the public schools for allowing a gay-friendly play, against the County Health Department for providing contraceptives to young women, and against an adult video store. Unfortunately little is laughable in his current crusade. While the City of St. Helens rejected the proposal, the County Commissioners showed vague resolve which essentially gave Mayo a green light to take the issue directly to the voters.

Two ballot proposals are headed for Columbia County Voters this November. To stay updated on the campaign go to and to donate time or money, please contact  We need you!