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CCCHD “Walk and Drop” – Neighborhood Outreach Event

Come on down!  Pick up voters guides and CCCHD flyers for your family, friends and neighborhood!

* * * RSVP required! * * *

CCCHD is standing proud for progressive values this weekend.  We’ll be gathering on this Friday evening and Saturday morning for a “walk and drop” event to get important election time information into our neighbors’ hands.

Elections are a great time to remember that democracy is a year-round project – and that here in Columbia County is a group of people who stand up for fairness, dignity, and justice.

Come down to the office of the Rural Organizing Project at 5pm this Friday, or 10am this Saturday to pick up a bundle of voters’ guides with a CCCHD Flyer.  We’ll distribute guides and walk maps for everybody who is able to make it, then canvass several neighborhoods.  The purpose of this event is to distribute information and chat with our neighbors – we won’t have a “rap” to use to convince our neighbors to vote a certain way, but you’ll be welcome to get to know folks as you run into them!

When: This Friday the 15th from 5pm to 7pm, and Saturday the 16th from 10am to noon.
What: “Walk and Drop” to distribute voter & CCCHD information
Where: Meet at the ROP office at 33421 SW Maple in Scappoose

You must RSVP if you are coming! We need to know how many packets to prepare, and who to expect when!!  503-543-8417.  Ask for Amanda or Paul.

* If you’re not available or able to walk a route, come by ROP in the next week to pick up guides and local flyers for your friends and family.  Call 503-543-8417 to set up a pick-up time. *

Congratulations Grant County!

Congratulations to the citizens of John Day in Grant Co. for standing up to the Idaho Aryan Nations. Mayor Bob Quinton spoke against their attempt to purchase property in John Day and the community responded. Letters, signs, rallies and a large showing at public meetings made it clear that they would not tolerate hate groups in their town.
Former white supremacists have said that hate groups “test” a community by taking action and then seeing if anyone in the community responds. If they don’t, they set up shop.
This could happen anywhere, so let’s make sure communities all over the state stay alert and be ready to challenge any such groups. Just because we are rural does not mean that we would tolerate racist hate activity.
Columbia County Citizens for Human Dignity – CCCHD

CCCHD Update

CCCHD meetings are in Warren the first Tuesday of every month from 6-8 pm. Happy New Year.  CCCHD (Columbia County Citizens for Human Dignity) is asking supporters to consider a more active role in building local justice in 2010. We need you!  And we are fun.  If you might be interested in signing on for any of our fun filled, pro-community, pro-justice work in 2010, below are outlined some of the main projects for the year.  Please consider what questions you have and if you can make any small or large commitments.  We can also set up a time to talk with you via phone or over coffee.  We look very forward to hearing back.  On behalf of the CCCHD Leadership Team –  warmly, Marcy (503 543-3647)

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Community Demonstration Garden Planned at ROP House in Scappoose

Work Party on Saturday May 9th – 9 am to 12pm.

We are planning a garden at the ROP house, 33421 SW Maple in Scappoose,  across from the Middle School. We hope that a community-tended garden  of ornamentals, fruit bearing plants, and raised vegetable beds will be a great way to inspire adults, children, and creatures, and demonstrate the values of cooperation.

Please consider donating materials to this project. At this point, we need donations of plants – ornamentals, fruit trees, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, vegetable starts.
We  can also use compost, barkdust, planting mix, boulders and gravel.
We need 2×6 untreated cedar or fir lumber to build raised beds and compost bins.
Drop off donations at 33421 SW Maple. There will be signs posted for drop-off donations.

And join us for our first work party!
Saturday, May 9 – from 9am to 12 pm . Rain or shine.
For more information contact:
Heather Bee
Mike Edera

Marcy Westerling –
Rural Organizing Project & United Vision for Idaho,

Please Join CCCHD this Saturday Night, April 25th, 2009 – Special Guest Speaker!

Special guest, Benji Lewis, will be joining us as he tours the state prior to reporting for his 3rd Tour of Duty in Iraq.  On the day he is due to report for reactivation, he will instead hold a press conference explaining his decision to decline to serve.

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Press Release – January 30, 2008


January 30, 2008


Marcy Westerling, Director, Rural Organizing Project, (503) 543-8417 or (503) 543-3647  

D. Michael Dale, Executive Director, Northwest Workers’ Justice Project, (503) 357-8290

David Fidanque, Executive Director, ACLU of Oregon, (541) 954-7731


Judge Prohibits Measure 5-190 from Taking Effect

Anti-Immigrant Law on Hold Pending Ruling on its Legality

ST. HELENS, Ore. – Columbia County Circuit Court Judge Ted E. Grove today issued a preliminary injunction that will prevent an anti-immigrant ballot measure from taking effect on February 2.

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Q&A – What Does the New Columbia County Immigration Measure Mean to Me?

1. Q: Is it true that there is now a new law in Columbia County about hiring workers who are not authorized to work in the U.S.?
A: No. A Columbia County measure, concerning employment of unauthorized “aliens,” apparently received a majority vote on November 4, 2008. However, it is not yet in effect.

The County believes there are serious problems with the way the measure is written. Those problems may delay its implementation. Even if the County enforces the measure, there may be legal challenges to stop enforcement.
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Civic, Business Leaders Advise Businesses to Exercise Caution

The South Columbia County Chamber of Commerce, Rainier Chamber of
Commerce, and State Representative Brad Witt are sending a message to the
Columbia County business community following the passage of Measure 5-190:
“Sit tight and take no immediate action.”
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The Struggle Continues in Columbia County: Community Members Reflect on Significance of Anti-Immigrant Ballot Measure and Plan Next Steps

Scappoose, Oregon – Columbia County has been thrust into the public eye statewide after the passage of an anti-immigrant ballot measure last Tuesday.

Measure 5-190 intends to impose a $10,000 fine on any employer found to be hiring undocumented immigrants, and require county employers to register with the federal E-Verify program. On Election Day, the vote was split with 57% in favor and 43% against. (
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Businesses and Community Members Disappointed by Passage of Measure 5-190 – Pleased with Defeat of 5-191

(Scappoose, OR) Local businesses and community members across Columbia County were disappointed to learn of the passage of Measure 5-190 today. The rejection of its partner measure, 5-191, was good news.
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