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The Iraq War is now 6,156 days old

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    Election 2004 Project: Neighbor to Neighbor Conversations (May-November 2004)

CCCHD involved over 50 volunteers, most on multiple occasions, and surveyed 504 households. Sent personal postcards multiple times to each household surveyed. Distributed door–to–door 2,500 STAND voter guides in target precincts. We developed a data base that ranks households by relative interest in our work. Those ranked as quite interested are now included in updates of events – a reminder that we need regular events and maintenance of our communication systems to take advantage of our internal data base (over 500 ‘supporters’ and our external data base of voter ids). While both our Senate (Betsy Johnson) and House Representatives (Brad Witt) have seen copies of this data, we have yet to make any intentional decisions on value or use of this data.

    Quarterly Membership Gatherings On Saturday nights that mix food, social time and political topics

June 2004 (elections as topic)
January 2005 (elections debrief/framing)
April 2005 (the war)
July 2005 (framing part 2)
Attendance seems to range from 25-50.

    Political Accountability

CCCHD walks a line on dealing with candidates – while we can not endorse candidates we can hold them accountable before, during and after terms of office. And we work to do that. The special election of a replacement house district representative did allow us to do some information sharing on where the different candidates stood. During the legislative cycle, we were able to use our email systems to share some legislative updates and actions but that system could also be improved. Both Senator Johnson and Representative Witt, though, have commented on how they can tell when CCCHD puts out an action alert because of the volume of traffic they get – a compliment. The CCCHD Board hosted a dinner with Brad Witt at a member’s home to better acquaint him with our work and objectives. Throughout the session we have done legislative alerts and throughout then year we have done email alerts to promote turnout at town halls.

    Global to Local Efforts

CCCHD has continued to express concern over the war/occupation in Iraq and the consequences of imperialism at home and abroad. A movie showing and speaker panel at the Scappoose Library attracted a standing room only crowd and some of the best coverage in local papers that we have had in years. The war seems to matter. In advance of the June weeklong ROP Walk for Truth, Justice and Community, CCCHD collected hundreds of postcards from local folks wanting to see us pressure the governor, Senators Smith and Wyden and our local reps to unite in calling the troops home. CCCHD had 13 folks walk, 8 for the full week!, and another 14 traveled in to attend one or more of the events held during the walk week.

    Weekly Vigils for Peace

Every Sunday throughoput 2005 and 2006 at 1:00 pm, CCCHD brings signs to a corner at the Scappoose Totem Pole where people gather to stand for peace.

    Community Outreach & Support

We were able to respond to requests on ongoing community matters of justice by either having a liaison on a committee (food stamps) or having members attend significant events. This area could grow and be quite meaningful, if we create the structure to support requests and spread the word. Through this we have been active in Food Stamp planning, the support of Farmworker housing sited in Scappoose, SEIU rally’s for health care reform, volunteering with different candidate efforts. We have used our listserve on average two times a month to share information to our support list of more than a 100.

    Leadership Development

Building community, analysis and leaders seems to require that we create discussion space. CCCHD coordinated book circles using Lakoff’s Don’t Think of an Elephant as a starting place.

    Other ongoing actions

Other CCCHD actions include voter education around election issues, responses to letters to the editor and other community events. Throughout our history we have provided area voters with ballot measure analysis in advance of general elections.