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  • In 2000 CCCHD sponsored an exhibit featuring Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement covering the years from 1955 until King’s death in 1968. In connection with the exhibit, Darrell Millner, chairman of the Black Studies department at Portland State University, spoke about the history of African-Americans in Oregon and in particular in the Portland area.
  • Throughout our years in existence, CCCHD has worked with the youth of Columbia County in various ways. In 2001 we organized a forum for discussion with students from Scappoose and St. Helens High Schools in the aftermath of September 11th. Students with parental permission were bussed to the Scappoose Airport and heard two dynamic speakers: a Japanese-American who spoke of her history of internment after World War II and a Muslim-American who spoke of her faith, fears and hopes in the face of September 11th.
  • In 2002 CCCHD rallied support for opposing Bob Ekstrom and the Constitution Party’s attempt to eliminate family planning services from Public Health. We began collecting signatures in opposition to the initiative, sponsored booths at the County Fair and the Scappoose Event, talking door-to-door to voters in Scappoose and St. Helens, sent mailings to our membership and wrote several newspaper articles. We successfully defeated Measure 5-103, the so-called “Family Integrity Measure”, in the Spring of 2003, which would have taken away services to teens 15 to 18.
  • 2003 marked the first year for awarding CCCHD Community Grants. 50 percent of the revenues from the annual Kaleidoscope Winter Gala are reinvested in the community in the form of grants to local community non-profit organizations and agencies to continue with their work on human rights and social justice issues.