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  • In 1993 a tradition began of interviewing school board candidates in order to determine those who would promote ideas of inclusive democracy.
  • In 1994 CCCHD brought the Anne Frank exhibit to Columbia County. In addition to the exhibit, there were Holocaust survivor speakers, music and other complementary activities. It was a most successful endeavor for our group and well received in the community.
  • In 1995 CCCHD hosted Floyd Cochran to speak at a public community forum. He was a former member of the Idaho Aryan Nation and spoke about the tactics and objectives of the white supremacist movement in the Pacific Northwest. He also met with law enforcement agencies to create better community awareness regarding the threat of white supremacist ideology.
  • In 1996 CCCHD sponsored a youth mural project related to Martin Luther King’s concept of “beloved communities”. Students created panels of artwork that depicted their ideas of what Dr. King meant by that term. In the process, the students had a lot of discussion and debate about their own community and how it measures up to Dr. King’s dream of a community where all are included and taken care of.
  • In 1998 CCCHD explored how welfare reform was impacting people in Columbia County. A group of 40 recipients and providers of anti-poverty services convened for a roundtable discussion of what was going well, what was not working and what needed attention. Information was exchanged and new solutions strategized. A detailed report was produced to document the learnings.
  • In 1999 CCCHD, along with the Scappoose-St. Helens Chamber of Commerce, brought Arun Gandhi, the renowned social justice activist and grandson of the late Mahatma Gandhi, to speak at St. Helens High School. His public talk was inspiring and thought-provoking. A separate invitation-only lunch was coordinated by CCCHD for County politicians to talk with Gandhi about creative solutions to poverty.