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Each year CCCHD uses money raised through the Kaleidoscope Gala Dinner to fund a Community Grant program. The grants support the efforts of local organizations whose projects reflect CCCHD’s mission to work to assure basic civil rights and human dignity for all. Each year the grant applications remind us of both the daunting needs in Columbia County and the innovative efforts that are being made to meet those needs.

If your organization would like to apply for grant funds, click on the Grant Application Forms button to the left to access, print, or download the grant instructions and forms,

or contact Pratiti Fullerton at 503-860-5571.

CCCHD Grant Recipients 2006/2007
This year we received 12 grant applications for educational, cultural, health, social services, and community outreach projects throughout Columbia County. We would have liked to fund every project, but with $3000 to allocate we awarded the following nine grants:

St. Helens Senior Center Inc. for the construction upgrades necessary to install a new double convection oven. The new oven will facilitate the preparation of 120 to 180 balanced, nutritious meals per day for seniors, disabled, home-bound and the public at large.

Child & Family Development Programs, Community Action Team, Inc. for the Parenting Support Program. This program is an education and support group designed specifically for grandparents and other family members who find themselves parenting their grandchildren or other family members. The grant funds will be used to purchase take-home materials for program participants so that they may have informational resources on hand when needed.

St. Helens Alano Club, Inc. to expand and develop a recovery-oriented book store serving the recovery community in Columbia County. The grant funds would allow the book store to expand it’s offerings to include new literature on gambling, crystal meth, co-dependency, Adult Children of Alcoholics and other less known recovery programs.

Gays and Lesbians in Columbia County (GLICC) for the creation of a website to serve as a cyber-support center for the LGBTT community in Columbia County. This would be a “living website” which will provide changing information about resources and services, events, education, business listings and editorials aimed at the LGBTT community and those who support them.

Columbia County Safe Kids Coalition to purchase ten child car safety seats which meet the standards of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213. Through a referral process, the seats will be distributed to low income families. Two certified technicians at Columbia River Fire and Rescue teach parents or caregivers how to properly use the seats.

Community Action Team, Inc. to offer basic health and safety supplies for first time parents who are low income and are not able to purchase items such as diapers, cribs, high-chairs and other essential needs. There are no other programs in Columbia County that offer this type of help to needy families.

Turning Point Community Service Center to supplement “food room” supplies. Turning Point provides 3-5 days worth of emergency food to low-income families or individuals, seniors and disabled adults. The funds will allow Turning Point to include dairy products in the emergency food boxes leading to better nutrition for those who need it most.

New Orleans Artist Marcus E. Brown for his art project titled “Before and After, a New Orleans Exodus”. Mr. Brown’s project will visually explain his experience as a hurricane Katrina survivor and tell his personal story of the relocation of a New Orleans native.

Community Action Team, Inc. for emergency homeless assistance. The grant will allow Community Action Team to serve low and moderate income households who are attempting to stabilize their housing situation. The funds will help 4-5 families who are currently homeless or to prevent them from becoming homeless.