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Columbia County Coalition for Human Dignity (CCCHD) is a group of people who believe in the worth of every person. We believe that democracy flourishes when all are included. We work to assure the basic rights and human dignity of all Oregonians. We exist to promote social justice in Columbia County and fight against acts that diminish the human dignity of any person or group. We wish to create a presence in our community so others are aware of what we stand for; we want to be available for people to call on us if an incidence of injustice is observed, and we wish to support each other in our efforts to promote a more inclusive democracy.

CCCHD is a member of the Rural Organizing Project. The ROP is a statewide organization of rural community groups similar to CCCHD. ROP exists to Strengthen the skills, resources and vision of primary leadership in local autonomous human dignity groups with a goal of keeping such groups vibrant sources for a just democracy.