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Economic Development in Columbia County

Just over a year ago, when our county was moving ahead on a proposed coal export project that had been negotiated by the Port Commissioners behind closed doors, we hosted a standing room only “Kitchen Table Conversation” to explore the issue and bring the public’s voice into the discussion. As we unpacked the issue, many of us began to wonder just how economic development decisions are made in this county and who gets to participate.

We hope you can join us next Wednesday in St. Helens for:
A Kitchen Table Conversation about Economic Development
in Columbia County

How are economic development decisions currently made?
What does economic development mean to county, city and port officials? How can the public participate in those decisions?
What is the value of a community’s vision for economic development in the decision-making?

Date: Wednesday, January 29
Time: 6 to 8 p.m.
Location: Columbia Learning Center at 375 S. 18th St., St. Helens

This is your opportunity to add your voice to the discussion.

“The goal of this forum,” explains CCCHD member Ken Gates, “is to dive into how the community can participate in making economic development decisions. In accordance with our belief in inclusive democracy, we hope to create a needed opportunity to hear the voices of Columbia County residents who are most impacted by economic development decisions in this county.”

Sponsored by: Columbia County Citizens for Human Dignity in partnership with The Chronicle and St. Helens Economic Development Corp.

We hope to see you there!