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Scappoose Members “Occupy” The Post Office

Monday, December 19 was a remarkable day. Over 23 communities across Oregon came together to fight back against Congress’ move to privatize the Postal Service for corporate profit. Monday proved just how much rural Oregon cares about core community infrastructure that supports EVERYONE, not just the 1%. We sent a clear message: we USE and OCCUPY our Post Offices!

In Scappoose, about fifteen of us CCCHDers gathered outside of the Scappoose Post Office with dozens of cookies, hot cider, and a toy rocking horse deemed the “Pony Express”!  By total coincidence, we collected exactly 99 signatures representing the 99% of Columbia County!

Check out the article in the Spotlight:

You can help save rural post offices! Sign our petition to Congress before the end of January demanding that they FIX the USPS’ financial crisis that they created in 2006 and that they save rural post offices!  We’re adding to the 2,000 signatures turned in by the Rural Organizing Project from all over the state!